Miss Gay Maryland United States

Events. At Grand Central , 1001 North Charles Street, Baltimore, MD. United states.

Sunday August 4 2013, 8:00pm until August 5 2013, 2:00am


Welcome to the Maryland Division of The Gay United States Pageantry System.... 'Jordan Enterprises' proudly presents the 1st Annual Miss Gay Maryland United States Pageant....

This is a great opportunity for all who want to compete in the talented world, of the artform, of female impersonation.... we welcome all to register for a grand opportunity in reaching your goals !


With a star-studded cast of great entertainers you will definitely want to be a huge part of this production


For any and all information.... and to direct any questions, comments or concerns.... please call, text, email or leave voicemail for Saable Jordan: 

cell # 410-805-9519 /

email: jordansaable@yahoo.com / facebook: Saable Jordan


Be National, Be United !